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Megan Fitzgibbons

Called to the Bar : next outing

Justin is heading to Lalla Rookh on Wednesday, 25 September.

Lalla Rookh is a below-ground bar and eating-house -

All members are welcome to join Justin and other colleagues for a libation or two (and, of course, olives). Please let Justin know if you are interested in going along -

To be or not to be a law librarian? : that was my question

I can’t say that for the most part I was looking to law for a change in my library career. I was aware however that I needed a change. Not feeling particularly happy in my current position and, although I loved being a local history librarian, I had had enough of working in local government. I found myself in one of those situations in life whereby I knew I needed something different but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. OK, so I had a few ideas going through my head but felt that I was locked into local history because that was my speciality and there’s not much opportunity to practice local history outside of the local government situation. It was a bit of a dilemma really – wanting something but not really knowing what it was, let alone how to go about getting it. Then out of the blue (as so often happens when you least expect it), a message came through WAIN. Kirsty McPhee, on behalf of Kott Gunning Lawyers, posted a position for a library manager. It was one of those moments when I knew that "this is it Lorraine, you need to go for it". Of course, the voices in my head were telling me “You don’t have a chance.” “You have no law experience.” “Why would they even consider you?” Anyway, having nothing to lose but my pride and self-esteem (I’m such a sensitive soul), I decided I would apply for the position. The rest, as they say, is history.

A year later, and amazingly I’m still here. I have survived. In part, I would have to thank the network of law librarians who are a great bunch and always so eager to help each other. I never felt like I was totally alone as I knew if I needed assistance it would only be an email away. Even with my little knowledge as a law librarian (something which I am painfully obvious of when I see the wealth of experience everyone else seems to have), I am excited to now be a member of the ALLA (WA) Committee. I hope I can contribute something worthwhile to the group as I know I will be receiving heaps in return.

Well, here’s to my second year – no more questioning whether I can or I can’t – it’s time once again to get on and "just do it".

Lorraine Pearce
Information Resources Manager
Kott Gunning Lawyers

Additions to AustLII

The following titles are now available on AustLII:

South Australian Law Reports 1863-1920;

State Reports (South Australia) 1921-1950.