An Articled Clerk at 50 - a presentation by Paula Hudson

On 12 March 2014, Paula Hudson spoke about her experiences as a Channel 9 Court Journalist and finding herself as an articled clerk at the age of fifty.

About 16 law librarians sat around the Kott Gunning board room table, eating their lunch, listening to Paula’s interesting stories of some of the court cases she covered as a journalist.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was a very pleasant way to spend a lunch break.

In a past life as a local studies librarian working with oral histories, peoples’ stories never ceased to amaze me. Listening to Paula was no exception. As an articled clerk working quietly and efficiently at Kott Gunning, I never would have known how interesting and successful Paula’s career was prior to studying law. I’m so glad that she agreed to give up her lunch time to sit down and share her story with a bunch of law librarians.

Lorraine Pearce